New Service Request

Welcome to the James Kimzey Regional Water District Community.  Please contact our office by phone -or- you can print out the Service Application and Agreement (if available) to apply for service. We look forward to serving your water needs

Obtaining Water Service

New Service
To establish water
service at a location that has not had service in the past, contact our business office. The length of time and expense required to establish a new service varies due to location, size, workload, etc.

Turning On
In order to establish
service where facilities are already in place, contact our Business office.

All customers must
pay a security deposit. When a service is discontinued, the final bill will be withheld from the security deposit and the balance refunded to the customer.

Plumbing Permit
If you are building
a house in the District area, you must contact the Business office to obtain a plumbing permit.

Discontinuance of Service
On or around the 22nd
day of the month water service will be disconnected for non-payment and a $50.00 reconnection fee will be charged to get your water back on.

Responsibility for Service
KRWD owns, maintains
and repairs all of the underground water system to the water meter. Maintenance and repair from the meter forward is the responsibility of the customer. It is a state law that you are required to call AR One-Call (811) before you dig.

How to Check for a Leak
The most common water leak
is a dripping faucet. Toilet leaks are second most common. A quick check can be made by adding some food coloring to the toilet tank after it has filled and become quiet. If the coloring seeps down into the toilet bowl before flushing, this indicates a leak.
To conduct a leak test on your water, turn off all faucets and other water outlets. Go to your meter and watch the leak detector, a triangular shaped indicator on the meter. If that is moving, you have a leak.

About Our Water
KRWD's water supply
for the West end is Lake DeGray and the supply for the East is the Ouachita River.