About Us

James Kimzey Regional Water District was organized in 1982 by concerned community minded individuals in Hot Spring County to provide an abundant supply of water for the surrounding rural areas of the State. Realizing the need existed for thousands of individual households and industrial users to obtain potable water, Kimzey Regional Water District charted a path and began providing an economical water supply to those customers.

Presently, the KRWD has over 400 miles of "State of the Art" water distribution lines, located in four counties. Our many customers include 4500 households, 20 industrial users and 2 independent water associations serving 2000 households. These statistics establish KRWD as one of the largest regional water districts in the State. The operation center and business office is located at 319 West Third Street, Malvern, Arkansas. Beginning with three individuals, KRWD has grown to thirteen fulltime employees.